About MediaFreaks

In 2003, MediaFreaks started from humble beginnings as an Elance vendor, providing animation and design services to customers via the web portal. One year later, MediaFreaks was profitable enough to rent a 5 square meter space from an advertising firm and began serving local customers.

Business grew and soon MediaFreaks expanded from a 1 man team to a 4 man team and from a 4 man team to a 10 man team. Fast forward to 2010, MediaFreaks now houses more than 20 talented animators, designers, programmers, project managers and marketers. MediaFreaks has evolved. It is no longer just an animation studio. MediaFreaks is now a full fledged new media solutions company which offers concept, development, production, marketing and more.

Its clients include great companies like Kraft, Western Digital, Energizer, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Pfizer, Merck, just to name a few. The hundreds of projects delivered to satisfied clients around the world is a badge MediaFreaks wears proudly.

We invite you to contact us and find out how MediaFreaks can help you with your business, just like how we have helped all our other clients.

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