MediaFreaks and Swag Soft worked together to produce this radio app for Rediffusion, allowing fans to once again tune in to the rich content produced by the iconic radio station over the decades.

TUNE INTO REDIFFUSION AND RELIVE THE GOOD OLD TIMES! Enjoy music and stories from the yesteryears and treat the old folks at home to a magical nostalgic journey to the past.This is the official Rediffusion app – whose design follows the original Rediffusion wooden radio box so familiar to many households in the past. The app contains hundreds of hours of rare archived programs, with more content to be added to it every month, so that you will never run out of fresh content to listen to.


✔ Relive the Rediffusion experience
✔ Download hundreds of hours of rare archived programs from the Rediffusion library
✔ Take a journey back into the past and enjoy the stories and songs from yesteryears

About Rediffusion Singapore

Rediffusion Singapore pioneered cable radio in Singapore, and was Singapore’s only subscription radio service and the 1st in the WORLD to broadcast on DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus). Founded in 1949, Rediffusion Singapore was a subsidiary of Broadcast Relay Services

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(Overseas) Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, until the late 1980s when the British-owned Rediffusion conglomerate was broken up. In the 1960s and 1970s, the station’s dialect programmes enjoyed a strong following, with many

households fitted with the Rediffusion radio box. When the nationwide Speak Mandarin Campaign was launched, Rediffusion was required to stop all dialect programming by 1982. Facing the ban and increased competition from free-to-air radio, subscription plunged. By the 2000s, Rediffusion had become a shadow of its glorious past. In April 2012, Rediffusion was under receivership and went off air on 30 April. In June 2012, Rediffusion was bought over by Eduplus Holdings. Under this new management, Rediffusion will relaunch in early 2013 with fresh content and a new identity, with its rich history forever honoured and preserved.

This app is the first product to be introduced by Rediffusion Singapore, with the goal to preserve its history in the most innovative way.

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