Since 2003, MediaFreaks has produced hundreds of projects requiring animation either as a support element or a core feature in the creative process. Although MediaFreaks is now offering a lot more than just animation services, animation has been and remains the soul of MediaFreaks’s identity.


Do you have a product or business you need to promote but not quite sure how to do it effectively and get targeted relevant customers who will spend?
We can help you with the following –

– formulate a marketing strategy that will help you market your business to your relevant target market both offline on online
– show you where to get the customers and how to get them
– manage online advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website
– implement search engine marketing campaigns
– conceptualize and implement viral online contests and campaigns
– formulate and implement social media marketing strategies to create awareness for your business
– implement strategies to capture leads through your website
– recommend tweaks to make your existing website ’stickier’ and appealing to visitors
– recommend ways to make auxiliary income through your website


Mobile Games and Apps
Supported by sister company Swag Soft – MediaFreaks develops innovative applications for the mobile and web platform for marketing, education and entertainment purposes. Original mobile apps released under Swag Soft  have received much traction and recognition, with most of its applications having been featured in the Apple iTunes store’s ‘New and Noteworthy’ section while some have been amongst the Top 10 Performing Apps in their categories. If you have a brand, product or service you want to engage people with through a mobile or web application, we might just have the answer for you.


Character Licensing
MediaFreaks has a stable of characters to meet your licensing needs.  If you are not sure how cartoon characters can help your business, here are 2 useful articles on character licensing.

Products and Services that can Benefit through Cartoon Character Licensing
Character Licensing for Your Product? Forget Mickey and Bob!


Virtual Worlds for Kids
You may be thinking of building a virtual world to teach kids Math, a virtual world for adults to socialize and chill out in, a virtual world to support the launch of your new toy, or simply a virtual world chocked full of mini games. Whatever your motive for building a virtual world, the most important component you need in such a project is the builder. Many programming companies claimed to have the knowledge of building a virtual world, but do they really? Building a virtual world for kids is a REALLY big thing.

First you need to know which platform to build the virtual world on, what kind of server power you are going to be needing, and then you have to grapple with producing good graphics and engaging games or activities whilst juggling with programming all the bells and whistles the virtual world has to offer.  Now seriously, not many companies can deal with all these.

We can tell you how much it takes to produce a good virtual world, because having built an award-winning one, we’ve been there and done that.